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Wesleyan College Arboretum

Wesleyan College

Wesleyan College Arboretum


The Wesleyan College Arboretum is a 104-acre preserve devoted to education, research, and conservation.  The forest that is now designated the Wesleyan College Arboretum has been part of historic Wesleyan College’s campus since the college moved from its original 1836 location in downtown Macon to its current location in 1928. 

Located right on the boundary between the Piedmont and the Coastal Plain in the middle of Georgia, the Wesleyan College Arboretum boasts a rich floristic diversity typical of a southern temperate zone forest, with about 105 native species of trees, shrubs, and woody vines.  The second-growth forest is dominated by oaks, hickories, and loblolly pine, with a smattering of southern magnolia, flowering dogwood, and beech.

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