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Stonybrook Arboretum


Stonybrook Arboretum


Stonybrook is named after the stone lined Little Creek that runs through the property.  The most outstanding architectural feature of the property is the beautiful field stone bridge by the manor house that crosses the creek at its mouth where it enters the Sakonnet River.  The creek meanders through the property and the owners are vigilant keeping encroaching invasive species out and maintaining a native stream edge.  On either side of the stream-bed the arboretum is a mix of open spaces and groves of mature trees original to the house.  The current owners have a great affinity for the numerous European beech varieties on the property and great care is taken to protect the existing trees from the harsh ocean front conditions to which they are exposed.  The highlight of the arboretum is two very different forms of weeping beech, one low and spreading and the other rising up, planted together that give the appearance of one large unique specimen on the corner of a creek bend.  There are many mature specimens of Japanese conifers tucked in protected spots around the property keeping them away from the salty winds.

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