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Parksville Community Park Arboretum and Gardens

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Parksville Community Park Arboretum and Gardens


The Parksville Community Park has been described by many as the crown jewel of the City of Parksville. It is one of the most popular destinations for the area’s 12,500 residents as well as for visitors from other parts of Canada and around the world. The park’s stunning beach and surrounding landscape are part of the Coast Salish traditional territories, whose peoples have lived in the region since time immemorial. The park arboretum is a refuge within the busy Parksville Community Park.  Planting in the Parksville arboretum began in 1994 and continues, providing residents and visitors educational opportunities by demonstrating the benefits and beauty of trees in our growing urban landscape. Its primary mission is to promote an understanding and appreciation of trees and nature by providing well-documented plant collections arranged aesthetically and ecologically in an exhibition designed for professional and public study and quiet enjoyment. Over the years, operations staff in consultation with City arborists chose uncommon trees to our local ecosystem, providing a wide variety of different species and ages in the arboretum, both native and exotic.


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