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Oakbourne Park and Arboretum

Oakbourne Arboretum Cherry Tree

Oakbourne Park and Arboretum


Oakbourne Arboretum consists of about 40 acres of land surrounding Oakbourne Park Mansion and contains over 400 trees and shrubs. Many of the larger trees are well over 100 years old and were planted by the owners of the mansion in the late 1800’s. Since about 2005, the Friends of Oakbourne, a volunteer non-profit group, has been planting trees and shrubs. In addition to the many varieties of old and young deciduous trees, the Arboretum contains many groupings of large native and non-native evergreens. The Arboretum’s entrance is lined with different varieties of Japanese Cherry. Other areas for viewing, include a Bark Woodlet area, with trees that have unusual and interesting bark; a collection of Dogwoods; and an Oak Grove.

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