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M.S. Swaminathan Botanical Garden & Arboretum

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M.S. Swaminathan Botanical Garden & Arboretum


During late 1990s, MSSRF established a conservation garden at its Community Agro-biodiversity Centre in Wayanad district of Kerala (part of the historical location of Malabar Coast, and the Mountains of Western Ghats) for the conservation of the vanishing floristic wealth of the region. This Conservation Garden has later grown into a Botanical Garden (M. S. Swaminathan Botanical Garden), in about 20 acres. The major attraction of this Garden is the collection and conservation of the Rare Endemic Threatened tree species in the form of an Arboretum. The Arboretum of MSSBG consists of about over 100 mature trees, in which nearly fifty percent is the red listed Endemic trees of South India. Several of these species are attributed with unique socio-cultural, spiritual, and economic values, apart from their dominant attribute as providers of valuable ecosystem services.

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