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Lincoln Park Zoo

Lincoln Park Zoo spring trees

Lincoln Park Zoo


Founded in 1868, Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo is simultaneously one of the oldest and one of the most modern zoos in America. It is also the nation’s only privately-managed free zoo. The zoo’s landscape has transformed over the past 150 years amidst a historic oak canopy which pre-dates the founding of Chicago. Today, Lincoln Park Zoo welcomes over 3.6 million visitors to 49 acres gardens comprised of formal landscapes, animal habitats, and prairie themed gardens at Nature Boardwalk.

The gardens contain over 1,200 different types of plants with a strong presence of North American native hydrangea, ninebark, and perennial herbaceous hibiscus. Plants are vital to all life, and the arboretum at Lincoln Park Zoo raises awareness of plants in our ecosystems, supporting our vision to inspire communities to create environments where wildlife will thrive in our urbanizing world.

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