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Dave Warther Arboretum

Dave Warther trees

Dave Warther Arboretum


The Dave Warther Arboretum encompasses the grounds of the Ernest Warther Museum located in northeast Ohio. Nestled on roughly nine acres, the arboretum features American Sycamore trees over 150 years old lining the historic Calico Ditch as well as trees not typically found in the region. Dave Warther, the arboretum’s namesake, brought in trees like a Coast Redwood and Tricolor European Beech. This collection is the work and vision that Dave spent his life creating. Bringing in trees and plants from various parts of the country to create an oasis surrounding his father’s museum, Dave’s collection continues to grow today. One of his dreams was to be able to share and educate people from all walks of life about the importance, uniqueness, and beauty of all types of trees and plants.

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