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Cooper-Young Historic District Arboretum

Spanish American War Park

Cooper-Young Historic District Arboretum


The Cooper-Young Historic District Arboretum project was created to encourage community involvement within their own urban forest. The plan was to bring this arboretum to their neighborhood streets where residents and visitors walk, exercise, shop, dine, and socialize.  Their desire is to add to their already magnificent canopy of trees, beautify the neighborhoods, improve air quality, and teach children to love the beauty of nature.

The Cooper-Young Historic District comprises almost 60 blocks and is home to over 8,000 residents. They are proud of the huge older Water Oaks, Cherrybark Oaks, Willow Oaks, American Elms, and Ash trees that make up the majority of their canopy.  They have increased their oak species to include Northern Red Oak, Swamp Chestnut Oak, Nuttall Oak, and Scarlet Oak.

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