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Chick-fil-A Gardens

Chick-fil-A Gardens


Chick-fil-A Gardens is nestled inside of 70 rolling acres of wooded property with beautiful lake views, landscape gardens, walking trails and wildlife.  The Gardens are located at Chick-fil-A’s Support Center in Atlanta, GA and home to hundreds of varieties of native and non-native plants that are spread throughout the entire campus. In 2018, Chick-fil-A became a corporate partner of BEE Downtown to help restore honey bee populations in the Atlanta area. These bees, from the five hives installed on campus, can pollinate more than 1,800 acres across a 3-mile radius.

The Gardens arboreta accreditation allows visitors, guests and over 2000 Staff, the ability to experience beauty and nature in the workplace and education of individual collections. 

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5200 Buffington Road, Atlanta, Georgia 30349, United States,
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