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Bo Arboretum

Bo Arboretum


Bo Arboretum was started as a neighborhood civic association that took off from various community indigenous tree planting events in Bo City, Sierra Leone. Through the involvement of community stakeholders and philanthropists, the Bo Arboretum acquired 50 hectares of freehold degraded land for the purpose of restoring native and some exotic species. With 27 tree species sparsely planted, the Bo Arboretum is in its beginning stages and has plans to expand its collections and develop its educational and conservation programs. 

Bo Arboretum is dedicated to the preservation and conservation of native trees and shrubs for educational and scientific purposes. The Bo Arboretum is a treasured, widely-used community asset and a horticultural, environmental, recreational and cultural resource for Sierra Leone. 

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213 Koribondo Highway, Bo City, Sierra Leone,
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